Today I met the internet and it was awesome. Clarityunfiltered and I spend the day on Broadway Market and it was divine!
Good food, good conversation and great company!
Such a lovely day!

I told ya. We tore up some Broadway Market. I love sharing my little home away from home.


I got to hang out with the one and only lickystickypickyshe today. I just followed her around Broadway Market while she ran from one stall to the next like a kid in a candy store, gathering cheese and olive oil.

And she totally looks like Bea Arthur.

Rainbow chard is taking off!

Rainbow chard is taking off!


The internet is cool, because you can meet some pretty cool people you would’ve never come across in everyday life. It also sucks, because you can’t just go hug those people or help them drink their troubles away when they’re having a shit time.

True story. Love all my Tumblr friends.

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*slow clap*

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We need to make our roads safer


Yesterday was a sad day for the London cycling community with the death of one of our own by a left turning truck as reported in the Evening Standard

If you are a cyclist in London, I’d suggest you support the following organisations in any way you can:

London Cycling Campaign

Road Peace

Stop Killing Cyclists

Cycle Touring Club

Hopefully this will go some way to making our roads safer in years to come.

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Five for Friday

Copying eebs on this one.

1. I just spent two days over-caffeinating myself at the London Coffee Festival. The weekdays are “industry days” which basically means it’s all free coffee and samples and schmoozing. I love it, but at the same time, I often wonder about the sincerity of the people I’m dealing with. Are they friends? Simply trying to sell me something? The coffee/service industry is a weird place, because it can be a bit of both, but they might also hate your guts and you’ll never know.

2. Speaking of which, there’s a massive party tomorrow night by a major player in coffee. I got told about it, but not technically invited. I kinda want to go, but I don’t want to be that person who showed up uninvited. I’m still a greenhorn to the London coffee scene. I think I’ll just pass…then if any of the organizers (who I’m acquainted with) ask why I didn’t turn up, I’ll simply state that I wasn’t invited. That’s a good way to figure out the lay of the land, methinks.

3. After months of dealing with a dying battery and a fraying power cord, I finally treated my poor computer to a fresh set of both. My Mac is 6 years old, and this is the only repair I’ve had to make to it. I’ll inform the next person who tells me a Mac is too expensive.

4. Safety and Rescue Training for kayaking tomorrow with all my favourites. And a braai (South African for barbecue) when I get home in the evening. Who has time for a silly old industry party? ME! I want to go so bad. Dang it.

5. I’m a fairly attractive person. So why is it that if I find a guy attractive, I suddenly can’t speak to him in public? Because rejection, that’s why. I gotta work on that. If it ain’t right, you can’t fake the funk.



Coffee machine innards.

Coffee machine innards.


Les pavés d’Arenberg getting a polish before this year’s Paris-Roubaix. 

"I know! Let’s polish the cobbles to make them extra slippery so all the riders will glide across smoothly!"FAIL.


Les pavés d’Arenberg getting a polish before this year’s Paris-Roubaix

"I know! Let’s polish the cobbles to make them extra slippery so all the riders will glide across smoothly!"


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